Funding Costs in a Decarbonizing World – LNG vs the Rest | On Demand Webinar

Poten & Partners Webinar

Presented by: 

Melanie Lovatt, LNG Finance Advisor

October 27, 2021
9 AM Houston | 10 AM New York | 3 PM London |
5 PM Athens / Doha | 6 PM Dubai |
10 PM Perth/Singapore  

Net zero carbon ambitions are on a collision course with the ongoing LNG sector expansion, which needs billions of dollars in funding for new projects, – both export and import – and for LNG ships to serve these schemes. Join our upcoming webinar on October 27 for an update from Poten & Partners on LNG finance.

Topics to be addressed include:
• The reasons why the LNG sector has been able to attract sufficient funding to allow its rapid expansion
• The impact on cost of funding as both borrowers and financiers face pressure to decarbonize
• How LNG’s cost of funding compares with coal, upstream oil and gas and renewables
• What will help LNG sector project sponsors meet their funding needs in future