Bargain Hunting: Asia Pac LNG Buyers Look for Deals Amid Market Chaos | On Demand Webinar 


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Asian buyers are seeking long-term supply as the Covid-19 pandemic, a plunge in crude oil prices and the global oversupply of LNG create buying opportunities. Across the region, buyers are tentatively moving into the market as a chaotic market gives them more leverage in negotiations and sellers are motivated to offer greater LNG contract flexibility and more competitive pricing.

Topics discussed:

• Update on short-term global outlook
• Recent long-term contracting activity in Asia and price indexation
• Factors affecting on long-term prices
• Recent buyers’ demand for contract optionality and flexibility
• Are sellers capitulating to buyers’ contractual demands?

Stream this webinar to hear a discussion about these market dynamics in the Asia Pacific region.

Presented by Kit Wong, Head of Middle East and South Asia, Poten & Partners on May 20, 2020

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